March 25, 2012

She Said....

This Spring Break has been alright. I came home on Thursday and I leave Pa today at some point. I basically did nothing 
My grandma is in the states from Dominica and she's here visiting us in the boondocks and so far, she likes it up here
Mostly because there's someone around to keep her company,whereas in Jersey with the rest of the family, everyone's busy working or tied to an electrical device
So these last three days, i been chillin' w/my grandmomz :)
we're both sick, so i guess we're talking care of each other....
Antiwho, i took a break from my gram and my sisi and i did a little shopping. Went to Marshall's for workout clothes then decided to go to a fortune teller....if that's what they're even called anymore. 
I was kind of nervous but moreso extremely excited
She did us separately and read our palms.
I dont know if im supposed to be disclosing this info, but i gotta tell someone other than my reflection and im pretty sure no one reads my blog soooooo
I'm so positive. I keep a positive energy around me, no matter how defeated i may feel. I always find a way to make myself feel better or cheer someone else up.
I will be successful in everything i take on. 
I cannot lose.
I have all the tools to do what i want and get it.
She also said my intelligence is only peaking and im smarter than i think, just gotta find a way to demonstrate it. so there is more smartness in this brain i have here.
I am also spreading myself too thin. i have to learn to sit back and let people do what needs to be done so i can relax and a man can def help with that...more on that later :)
Some people who are supposedly my "friends" really aren't. They once were, but as I started moving up in positions (work and my club) and succeeding in most everything i put my mind to (getting into grad school and continuing on the workout/healthy lifestyle), ppl that i think are close to me are really jealous and display negative energy and even though i know how not to be bothered by such people, i should just eliminate them from my circle.
I kinda know who these people are.

I will never be happy with someone my age, meaning someone 2-4 years older/younger than me. i'm too mature for guys like that and older men (26+) recognize that and that is why i am attracted to them and they're attracted to me. Majority of the guys that i do talk to that have some years on me aren't suckas either....they are mature, home, no kids, looking for the right woman. These guys would never stare me wrong or try to take advantage of me because im too witty to let anyone try that ish.....
also, the man that i do want, we will never be in a legit relationship. we'll always remain "friends" and really nothing more.
When she said all this, i was smiling from ear to ear because people that know me know how i likes my mens..
She also said i need stability. which is def true because i am a nomad. I go back and forth from Pa and Jersey and when i'm in Jersey, i dont stay in one place for too long. The money will come sooner than i think and i will get the place i deserve where i can be stable and call it mine. 
and back to relationships....even though i have a beautiful pool of legit men i can choose from, they all want to offer me what i need....stability and companionship. i shouldn't be afraid of love regardless of what my family says!!!!
she said that and my face dropped because in the back of my mind, i always think "what would my parents think?" regardless if i'm happy or not.

overall, i will live a long and prosperous life. the people that i need to be proud of me, will be and I will not disappoint them or myself.
2012 so has been my year, and its not over.
I need to keep rubbing my positive energy off on people because as much as i think it doesn't cheer people up or people dont pay attention to me, they actually do and that's what people remember me for

Peace and Love.
Luvin' C*
&not this cough.

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