May 6, 2012

My Days are numbered

I AM ALIVE!!!!!!
I just been out and about and sleeping in between all that :)
11 days.
11 days until what you may ask....
I walk across that stage and receive a "make believe degree" i will have to pick up months after the fact.
I'm satisfied.
My grad school endeavors have been put on hold until Spring 2013 but hopefully this summer i'll be able to get my money up and take the 2 courses i need to start my program.
As of right now, i am in a good place. I went to a psychic before and she told me everything will work out for me sooner than i think and so far, it is. 
And a friend of mine also had a weird/random dream about me, basically along the lines of me being successful and prosperous way sooner than i expect
I'm cool with that.
even though i was a little bummed that i wouldn't be starting grad school in the fall, i'm glad i got accepted.
Luckily for me, i already found a job. Its not necessarily in my field per se but it works, its a start, and it pays...i wasnt looking for an internship opportunity and this came about, so i took it. emailed my resume and cover letter, had the phone interview, and got the job.
The money i'll make from this job will hopefully pay for the two classes i wanna take as well as my rent......
i'm seriously tryna make moves and not really tryna depend on momz&popz for too too much.
trust, they will still be in the loop
These next couple weeks will be nice, full, and busy.
I wish i could eat this right now.

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