May 13, 2012

It's Coming

Today is Mother's Day
I honestly tell my momz i love her just about everyday so today is no different.
This woman has everything she could possibly want and need soooo i made her a mug
Since she loves going on cruises, i drew the beach, with the sun beaming and birds chirping along with a boat somewhere in the mix. 
It looks brilliant.
She comes home in a few and that's when i'll spring my artistic abilities on her.
My grandma is staying with us for a while and so we invited a bunch of family over to have a Mother's Day Dinner. Straight grilling steak, chicken, and shrimpers along with other caribbean dishes on the menu.
Its making me hungry thinking about it. 
Today will be great.
This entire weekend was great...
(i should've started with yesterday)
YESTERDAY my girl Minette graduated from the illustrious East Stroudsburg University and we went to grad party allllll the waaaaayyyyy in the backwoods of Pennsylvania......
(thats her in the middle)
I cannot say how proud i am of this young lady. She is so strong willed and kinda crazy that i love it. I met her through my sister, but have grown to love her like my own. She's one i can truly call a friend and she deserves everything she works for
All in all, we had a great time, sang, and danced (our table was SWV but with 6 girls instead of 3)
Much love.
As for me, i walk across that stage at the Prudential Center on Thursday May 17 and i will be balling my eyes out. as much as i hated Kean, i met the right people, got my facts straight, and it grew on me. I wish i would've went here for my 4 years instead of the short 2 i did. time flies when you're making moves.
I finally made the event on FB for my lil party "THEE Graduation ShinDig" to be held at Park East. Hopefully people come, if not, i'll have fun by my damn self
Mmmm this week is going to be both hectic and fun but i'm beyond ready for all He has to offer me
Luvin' C*

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