August 21, 2012

Current State

Of everything.
Full of food.
Full of life.
Full of fun.
Full of Love.
Full of family.
That's where I am and everywhere I want to be.
Current State:
A tad tired lol i just passed my med. certification for work with flying colors and ate the bestest lunch (food always tastes better a couple days later for some reason). Now i'm gonna rest myself since i get zero sleep at night.....wake up,workout, then head back to sleep before i head in for the night shift. 
As much as i usually do complain about dumb stuff, im content and figuring out life as an adult. I am leaving the past behind and trying not to get back into old habits.
Just be the happy me that I usually am, and rub my happiness and silliness off on people.
I love to see everyone smile.

Luvin' C*
&and Boston next weekend to see Dem Canes rock my world.

1 comment:

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