August 11, 2012

Healthy Me

Hey Hey Hey
If you know me, I love hitting the gym, getting a run in, or riding around the neighborhood on the bike. I love sweating and feeling my muscles work and i love how I feel after working out.....accomplished. I could be totally lazy and blah one day, but best believe i am doing some kind of cardio.
I have a tumblr account and i mostly follow fitblr's. Since I have been doing the same routine for what feels like forever, i use tumblr to find new workouts to keep me motivated. 
So far, so good.
I also use the Nike Training Club (NTC) App for Apple products. It has great variations and options as to what you may want to target. When I first started using it back in January and went back to school after break, everyone was talking about how slim I looked 
Hard work pays off.
Now, I just signed up for a site,
It basically helps you track/log your workouts and you get points for it. 
I literally just signed up for it (10 minutes ago) so I'm still figuring it out.
I love food, its crazy. But it's probably why I'm not where i want to be. Of course I love my body, but I want to tone it up more and look fly FOREVER.
sweets are still and always will be my downfall.
Water is the only thing I drink.
I'm cutting out junk all-together. i'm cutting back on portions.
and trying to find fresh foods that i am not allergic to.
Let this leg of the journey begin, seeing as how life if always a journey.
Happy Saturday Folks.
Luvin' C*
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