October 19, 2012

He Said

One of my boys said you haven't lived until you have lived on your own, outside your parents' house and them not helping you with your bills and to some degree, i def agree. Some kids say they're on their own but their parents pay for everything with no input from themselves....
Sure i've lived on my own, but my parents paid certain expenses and i paid for certain things, but i still felt the struggle. you cannot do as much as you would if you were under your parents' roof b/c you have to spend your money wisely. 
And now that i am back home, i really haven't done much put get on the daily grind and that grown-up life of working, cooking, exercising, and spending time with family. There have been dates here and there, and thats all its been, a date...no second....
But back to the task at hand.
So for me, that means strictly paying my bills and balancing my spending with whatever's coming in, basically not spending beyond my means like i used to. I would like to think i've cut my spending at some point but now i just think it's because i have a better paying job where i can disperse my money evenly while having a nice amount to put in my two savings accounts and my pocket.
Money does make the world go round.
Sad but true.
Luvin' C*
&not this root canal. The third on this one tooth and the pain is ridiculous, it never felt like this before.....but i guess thats probably why i had to get it retreated

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