January 29, 2009

Your Package

Now. it has come to my attention that some young men find it okay to work around with pants ubber (in the name of Chappy) tight!!!! where has this come from??? i remember my high school days when the skater kids rocked girls jeans...HELL they wore their girlfriends' jeans!!!!! bootay-tay all in the open, catching wind. back then it was only a select few, now everyone has caught on to the heartbreaking (or shall i dare say it- the 'ballbreaking' trend). even some of our hiphop heads. but its not cute. there is no way in hell would i want to wake up to my man puttin on MY JEANS and me slapping the sugar huney u-know-what out of him for even thinkin those was his to frickin begin with!!!! These KATS* (word in which i need to get some kind of licensing for) should stop hurting themselves and look at THE BIGGER PICTURE. u know what???? MATTER-OF-FACTLY, ITS ALL KANYE WEST'S FAULT!!!! he is the culprit. okay so now that that has been established, i only have one wish for the youngins of this world in this time of change.

PLZ where jeans somewhere next to your size.hell itll save u in the long run when u gotta by jeans, n dnt even think about those HIDEOUS EXTRA SMEDIUM NINJA TURTLE TEES.....why would u do it 2 urself (then u wonder y gurlie dnt take u seriously- cuz u look like u got slapped w/ a hamburger helper hand that had 1993 stamped on it;) MMMKAY.

Overall, i have come to the ULTIMATE CONCLUSION to this: where ur shit in moderation b/c whether your pants are twelve sizes too small or eighteen sizes too big, SOMEHOW, just SOMEHOW WE'RE ALL GOING TO BE FORCED TO BE LOOKING AT YOUR BATMAN BOXERS ONE FRICKIN WAY OR THE OTHER;(

fellas,inform me if im wrong and/or tell me the reason this "trend" or shall i say tragedy is taking over our youfs( i spelled that wrong on purpose-sue me)


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