February 16, 2009

"80 on the Freeway" Sterling Simms

More like 55 on 95 driving home from Conneticutt!!!!WHY!!!???!!! Some ppl should not be allowed to drive in any other state but their own, i.e. New Jersey ppl. I love Jersey and will rep it forever but when it comes to driving, they cnt do it. I felt so ashamed last night. Jersey's sitting in the left lane going about 55 mph on 95!!!!WHY!!!???!!! That is an accident waiting to happen. Oh and Goodness forbid you try and pass these kats, they SPEED UP and you are stuck in the middle lane bout to drive up on this 18 wheeler who is also tryna get form behind another slow Jerk for Jersey. I though we was the best but I am clearly wrong (Hence, highest accident rates in THIS COUNTRY-JERSEY JERKS). To continue, what does my brilliant driver of a mother do, TAILGATE HIS ASS. That is what you gotta do and if they dont move (after about half an hour of pure torture for us)- you give 'em THE LIGHTS!!!! Thats how i learned to drive and im proud of it because i havent gotten into any accidents(knock on real wood) because i know how to drive, move with traffic, and not get run the {F} over by tracker trailers by driving miss daisy all "willy nilly" for no reason.
So thats 95 in CT. In New York heading onto the GW Bridge, there is almost always some kind of traffic. NY ppl love weaving in and out of traffic-for what reason, i dont know, so everyone can get a glimpse of their shiny hinny cars and the too big of rims on a hooptie (CLS 550 is a beautiful thing). Another accident waiting to happen (Northbound had dumb traffic too b/c 1)toll booth ppl wanna make your life a living hell like theirs and 2)kats cnt mind my business as to what is going on in the southbound lanes) GOOD RIDDINS MAN!!!!!! My driving and attitude will probably get me a bat swing to my car or worst, but hey, kats neeed to learn to drive or get off the road/out of my way, cuz when i get from point A to point B, I'S GETS FROMS POINTS A TO POINTS B!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya lata suckas:)


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