February 18, 2009

Got that 'Good Good'

Wheat bagel with cream cheese/Orange Juice/Powerade/Chocolate Chip Chewy/Yoplait Strawberry yougurt (w/ real strawberries!!!)/ and a Glazed Doughnut.

Yes that's my breakfast:) i guess u could call it fat, i call it surviving these boring ass classes now taken at school. no matter what institution one is enrolled in, school will always most likely be a hoot. but i will survive, due to the amount of food i eat:) sure if u call me, i will be in the library. being studious or being fat w/my "partner in crime". You now that guy "Hungry" from the weight watchers commercials, well, he and i are koo pplz. he actually helps me decide what to get and when i should eat it....THE GUY IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! and he's cute:)

Food and i get along wondefully because somehow, this kat dont gain weight. sux though, b/c i cnt gain weight. [dammned metabolism] whateva i love my body and a whole bunch of otha kats do too so thats all that really matters.

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