February 13, 2009

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

I wish u were here right now. We got a whisp of u this past week but it obviously wasnt enough for me. I need more of your heat so I can smile and see green grass and beautiful skies. So i wont have to be couped up in the house all winter like yogi (we love yogi). yea all those other seasons are nice, but only for about two or three weeks, i wish i could have you year round so everyone could be happy, and everyones abs could be right, and all the fellas would be lookin reel rite. hearing the motorcycles roar as im whippin dwn the turnpike/parkway(still dnt know which is which) on my way to the beach with TEAM CHAPPAY in tow. SUmmer where r u????? so i could bump my muzik with all my windows dwn, so i could sit out on the deck with my iced tea and coke concoction, hearing the motorcycles speed past over on 22 and 33???? Summer ur so kind and warm although a little mean at times with th sun but i can handle it and im sure everyone else will tolerate it but hey what can i say, i dnt speak for everyone else but i do know one thing: WHEN I KALL U BETTA PICK UP CUZ THIS DAMN PUXATWANY (howeva its spell) PHIL GROUNDHOG KAT NEED TA GET ITS PREDICTIONS RITE SO THIS KAT COULD MOVE ON WITH HER LIFE!!!!! thanx*

peace&love [XOXO]

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