September 11, 2009

No Rain on this Parade

Im here!!!!Back again but not for long because I have yet to find internet conection in my house. My computer is almost fixed but not quite.....Since last month,last time i wrote on here, I've been to the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn,NY (which wasnt the best experience,compared to the last couple of years Ive went). It was def crazy though, with all types of sexy ass black men that know they are men.No scrony ass kats wearing the same jeans as me*School will and still is kicking my ass:)Im at Barnes and Noble rite now taking a little "study Break" as I call it, to write this blig thingy. Been in and out of Jersey.....Did the Triathalon in Columbia,MD-huge success. Next up, marathon in through Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton on Sunday....Then I got a 5k in both October and November all for great causes......Also going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks...School and the dreadful job will always occupy my time, but ill always have time for everything in between including sleep(zzzzzz).The library is my second home:)My fashion is slowly increasing as well:)No men's news to report otha den kats is still sexy and I can not wait to be in West Chester:) My favorite cuzo/"sista to da bone" got mens trouble of her own, let's elaborate shall we:::::::
Why is it that guys that is 40 years old lying about they age to reel in the young ladies??? Im sorry you cant get it poppin' with the older ladies. Its either you or them but im thinking its you holmes..........
Im supposed to be reading some sociology and writing some thangs right about now....I didnt even work out today....a mile a day,keeps the (u fill in da blank) away......

*09/11/2001*NEVER FORGET*

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