September 15, 2009


LaborDay2009 {shockingly disappointed but i did see some bikes&beautiful mens}BK,NY
Payless Pumps.......

I usually never do these types of photos but when your bored anything kinda goes right??

West Chester University

At WCU.Really looking foward to going to this school in pursuit of my Bachelors&Master's in Social Work:) No i dont take ppls kids away!!!!!!!

No i didnt watch the frickin VMA's so i didnt see what kanye west did to taylor swift and nor do i really care. its frickin kanye west for goodness sake,what do folk expect???I dnt know nor do i intend on finding out.
At the trusty Barnes&Noble doing some sociology work with my grl Jas workin' on her statistics...I myself is conducting a research on why blk mens love 'the becky's'????Ive been talking to both folk of the dark and lighter kind, and it has come to my attention that the darker the juice, the lighter they go {Becky}. Its something i dont quite understand fully, nor will i ever because im not a man. Becky love's blk men b/c "white guys dont know how to act". That sounds like what blk women say about hoodnegroes in the club.....But my research has just begun, im not finished yet. Not saying i have a problem with interracial unions, im just sayin' "what about me???"



CURTY* said...

still puffy in the face shot....damn surgery...:)

MeLoVe said...

Lol you look nice though keep it up girl besides the puffiness!