November 24, 2010

Review Me.

Since my last post, I still have not completed my Battered men paper. I been busy w/work and driving (but mostly driving). So now I am back in MY bed in Pennsylvania w/ my work spread all around me. Thanksgiving is not a big holiday for me. Why are we celebrating America's deceitful and backstabbing ways??
Me na know.
For me, its a Sunday dinner on a Thursday night.... I come home, eat, see my family, and I bounce.Just like any other sunday I come home...ANYWAYS
So what I am going to try and do to spice up my blog a bit is called "Review Me". Here, I will review restaurants/lounges, products, music, etc. Anything I can put my two cents in, be sure I will be writing about it. SO here goes something......
V-Lounge in New Brinswick (extremely close to Rutgers) is
a cute, quaint little spot, in the cut, tucked away from the hotels, theaters, and other restaurants in the downtown area. It mostly serves as a restaurant, but at a certain time the music gets turned up and the party begins. I loved the music. Every song happened to be "my song" lol but I love music so I can do that ;)
The food was great. I had absolutely no idea what the chips were called, but I kept munching. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon when I saw them in my kitchen and my cousin explained to me what they were and how he made them: Pita Chips. Delish.
The decor was laid back and chill yet sexy and sophistocated. I felt like I had to be a college graduate of some sort to stay there. But I maintained with the beautiful ladies I was with (and the degree is right around the corner
All in all, I would def go there again and stay a little while longer;)
Luvin' C*
&both new friends and old.

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