November 27, 2010

Some if my Forever 21 binge....

My Buns look soooo right in this skirt riight here;)
Yep I was kinda cold
Hope everyone enjoyed their little holiday. I know i did. Ate till I couldnt eat no more, saw some old friends, shopped and finally finished my criminal justice paper thats due next Monday;) Im ahead of the game. NOW i start my 15 page paper for Communication;(
RANDOM: Feels so good to be back in my queen sized bed compared to my little twin back in Jersey. I can spread out as much as need be w/o hanging off the bed.
I bought Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj), Rihanna's Loud, and Cee-lo Green's "The Lady Killer".
I am a little disappointed in Nicki Minaj's album, all that hype with no bark. I think I only like 3 songs off her album, everything else sound too pop. I liked Rihanna's album a lot. I don't understand why everyone felt like it was a flop...Me na know but I was feelin it. AND last but not least, Mr Cee-Lo Green's "The Lady Killer" is an instant classic. It is literally timeless. If you love real old school R&B (not r.kelly....goin a little farther back), this album is for you. I am going to play this CD out so hard. Note: these are the first CD's i've bought in a while;)
Overall, I am quite happy with the purchases I made this weekend. Now I wont be shopping until it's back to work and more work.
Can't be on 24/7 hr vacation folks!!
Luvin' C*

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Jennifer said...

LOVING THE PLAID SHIRT & THAT SKIRT!! (LUCKY)I liked N. Minaj's album i agree with you I liked about 3-4 songs myself