December 1, 2010

Wrap It Up

Today is World Aids Day and here at Kean University they are all about promoting safe sex so I got bombarded with free condoms at the University Center. Of course b/c I work there, I got a little more than I needed (or wanted). I didn't mind it though, because the extra ones i had, I gave them to somebody else;)
Save a Life.
I have been working so hard with school and my job I hardly have time for sleep, let alone friends;( I am seriously wrapped in myself, everyone is on the backburner but that's hard for me because I love helping ppl and hearing them out, but when i feel your problems are taking up wayyyyyy too much of my time, I'm gonna have to chuck the deuces for a while. Last night, when I got home and took a 5 minute hot shower, I got in my twin sized bed and realized how greatful I am for having the luxary of even sleeping in a bed at night. I felt so relaxed and my body just soaked it all in. So much going on and its only the middle of the week.
Welp, I have a headache from being in that gameroom from 9-5 all the while I have class at 730, have a lot of reading to do (which will never end), and a couple of friends who absolutely toodlutely need to talk to me as soon as I get settled in my 'nightly headquarters'.
Luvin' C*
&those that know how to keep a hush tone.
P.S. the rest of this week is going to be a b***
I got pulled over on both monday and tuesday for absolutely no reason but the tuesday cop was wayyyyy to gorgeous not to mention on my blog---black and italian, mr. johnson was his name. I even asked for his badge and he flashed that handsome smile and actually asked for my number! he think he slick.
Not slicker den me though.

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