December 3, 2010


Last night was Midnight Madness in the gameroom and I worked it. It seemed like a great idea at first b/c i would be getting paid, then I remembered I need to schedule some sort of sleep time!!!!
Well, the event ended at 2am and I was on my way home
I got pulled over yet a-damn-gain. Can you believe it??? Three times in one week for absolutely no reason on a road i drive damn near everyday should not be humanly possible. This guy wasnt cute but he was nice after I explained to him how I'm a student going home to my bed that's calling my name after a long day's work. Why do I feel like I have been repeating myself....oh wait b/c i am.
Dear NJ State Troopers who ride around in unmarked vehicles that pull up beside you only to slow down to get behind you to flash your lights, go pull over the folks who whip in and out of lanes when no one's on the road. Stop bothering little ol' me and my honder---we just tryna get home dammit.
NOW i hope i will not be writing another post about these ppl next week or else i'm just going to be UPSET.
Luvin' C*
& my lovely ladies that i'm going out with tonight. No worries. Straight up.
&congratz to the Fall '10 Neoz Four Seasonz of Deception of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. at Kean University.
(no pix it was too cold)

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