December 5, 2010

Christmas List

I know as everyone was younger they had to make that christmas list of everything in world they wanted. But as I got older, my list got slimmer and slimmer because what i wanted cost mucho de niro..... Now I just want the essentials. A couple of gifts wouldn't hurt. Seeing as how I hardly ever get gifts for any other holiday (birthday, valentine's day, easter; nothing) and every christmas all I've been getting for the last couple of years is money. So this year, i think i would like to open at least one gift this holiday season.
So here's what I would like (So far):
Spike Lee's Book "Do The Right Thing"
Keds (plain white OR black-really dnt need both)
Microsoft Office Program (killing myself without it)
and at least $50 for my bank account
That is all I have so far but I'll probably come up with some other stuff I want but don't need.
Holidays like these make me think about what is necessary to live nowadays. I'm learning how to manage money quickly and its hard as hell but its a lesson that must be learned and i'm learning it the hard way. Whenever I buy something I think about if I need it or not and even though i dont technically NEED it, i think its a good purchase&i keep it. lol.
But I am trying to maintain myself.
Oh well I'm at the library video taping a fellow student sleep and snore the hell out of the first floor of the library.
Luvin' C*
&laughing my arse off.

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