May 28, 2011

In The Bag

what's in the bag?
my first day of being back at work.
to be honest, i do not care about the people i work with, i've known then for so long and they still "a little out there" and some do get on my nerves every day of my life....
i sound pretty horrible right now but that is what it is.
i went, i saw, i conquered, and i went home. said my hi's and bye's and kept it moving. i'm not there to be filled on all the drama i missed in the last couple of months b/c i quite frankly DO NOT CARE
why is that so hard for people to understand????
i just want to do what i have to do in a civilized and professional manner (basically, dont talk to me), get my pay check and count down the days til i am back in new jersey.
well as of right now, im waiting for the bank to open so i can cash my final check from Kean. this should hold me over uptil i get paid again.
Oh i almost forgot, i hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!!!!
alot of my guys (not girls, actual fellas) are out in Miami and i serioulsy wish i was out there with them right now but i know theyt're having their share of fun for little ol' me
Be Good.
Luvin' C*
&air conditioning!!!!!

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