June 15, 2011

Looking Up

This summer is going great (since i got a job). The beach is an every week shin dig, birthday's are comming and going, events are lined up so yes i am pretty excited. next week TUESDAY is MY BORN DAY (and reflection's of course)
The Big Deux Deux
We don't know exactly what we're doing for the actual day, but we are planning a nice little dinner at Ringside (Larry Holmes' restaurant). Should be splendid.
Then on Thursday, my sis, our Ace (Melissa), and I may be heading to the Prudential Center for the 2011 NBA Draft
Recruiting at its finest!!!Up close and personal.
THEN on Saturday i'll be out in Jersey for my girl's graduation party which i am beyond excited to go to because i havent seen this snickerdoodle in what seems like an eternity.
oh yea, she has a blog....
Oh yea, and i'll be working at some point in between all that mayhem and madness, as long as i am being productive, i'm good.
Luvin' C*
&another great day at the beach with Cane.

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