June 14, 2011

My Last Day Off

On my last day off, which was friday, i took to the beach with my ace Melissa of neondiamonds.com. Besides me getting lost on the way to her house, we went to Belmar, soaked up the sun, enjoyed the water, took in Seafood Fest, and avoided an olie tryna get at us....
Very productive i would say.
and since then, i have been working like a mad woman. so much my ankle hurts like hell (b/c my shoes suck)
i actually have to go to the miserable place in 20 minutes but i'd rather write on my blog and watch ESPN.
Luvin' C*

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Jennifer said...

you girls are so lucky you went to the beach! im in need of a tan like asap! work it girl i need to get in shape to get a two piece lol! loving the new layout to the blog