June 17, 2011

The Root of All Evil

I have come to the realization that money just may be the root to all of evil. We need it to apparently lead a happy and healthy life, but it blows.
When people get a little whad of cash in the hands, they (myself included) do not know what to do with it.
 I bring up this topic because i had to go over my predicted expenses for the upcoming semester today
And since i am still battling with Kean about tuition AND my apartment went to someone else, I am currently screwed. YAY for Curty!!!!
even if i do get in-state tuition, i am still not living on campus because it'll cost almost every organ in my body to pay for so an apartment or renting a room is my only option since my "family" is a little disconbobulated and off the radar.
i know i should not be complaining b/c i do have my parents to help me out, but they are way beyond fed up too so I am complaining on behalf of them as well :)
i am allowed.
Why does life have to cost so much?
Why am i paying entirely too much to go to college, something i absolutely need to get a job to get what i want???
Where do these people expect us to get money when we are already paying for tuition...books...food....computer services....landscaping....trolleys...advisors that dont know squat...Ice T and CoCo...
And why is it raining in Jersey and Sunny in Pennsylvania??
Idk, my mind is everywhere today.
Luvin' C*
&not apartment hunting in an area too close to nyc and in too many 'hoods'


Carrymel said...

heyy hun! Thanks for following my blog! I'm following you now as well.

lmao @ "who is it always rainy in New Jersey and Sunny in Philadelphia"? A valid question lol. I have days like that.

shani. said...

omg i feel your pain..
college these days its getting real hectic, my parents are pretty much done helping me out ..it sucks but hang in there. (=