November 29, 2011

What Say You

So i watch and post Job Budden videos alot. i've always loved him as a rapper, but hearing his manly voice, makes me like him even more....not none of that girly ish....if my voice is deeper than yours, i dont know what to tell you....
Ok so this video is one of Joe Budden's boys speaking on the topic if regular guys stand a chance nowadays, you know, the guy that's living comforatably, with his job and car (not hooptie) and basically got his ish together and ready to settle down. Instead broads chase guys that are basically outta their reach and get treated like crap.
The notion is that broads will not downgrade to someone like that after geting a taste of that "long money". And hence these regular guys get no play. its sad because eveyone needs love. regardless of the money, well you gotta be somekind of attracted.
he said ladies would rather be a:
"Made Niggas Smut, than a Regular Niggas Queen".....
BUT my problem is, guys do this toooooooooo!!!!!!!
its no damn surprise. They look at Ass and Boobies and Ladies look at the Bank.
Thats what it is. and Regular Girls dont have a chance, so to speak because guys are too busy tryna see how big the ass is...."oh, if you got small buns, i cant fux with you Or i dont want now flat chested broad".....well i dont want no broke negro!!!!!
Get it together.
Everyone either gotta be someone with money or someone with body and its a shame our society works like this now. everyone is so in tune with plastic surgery and every possible injection, its sickening or hittin the gym workin on they fittness to get that booty bigger.
broads look cartoonish and sickening (if i havent said that).
I know one thing, they gonna be lookin like Madea when they get super  old.
Saggy boobs and Grandma booty, cant walk and ish
Luvin' C*

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