December 3, 2011

I Did It

I did it guys!!!
I drove to New York!!!!!
My sister and I went to the a little orientation session for The New Era Pinstripe Bowl to be held at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx on December 30, 2011 and since we dont do public transportation, hootpie was the only was to go. Getting to the Bronx was fairly easy.....its apparently one of the first exits after you get off the G.Dub bridge, stay to the left and BAM, you're there.
The orientation was really to let us know what we were going to be doing. I thought we would be helping DURING the game, but we are not. when i heard that, i was fairly disappointed. what we're gonna be doing is helping teams, players, fans, and families of the teams find their way around new york, check in to the hotels, and answer any kind of questions they may have about the game, events, or the city. since these people are coming from all over and it may be there first time in the Big Apple, its our job to leave a wonderful lasting impression and not one of the typical new yorker of being tough and attitudy. some of what we can be placed is at the hotels, or the events. one event i really wanna do is going to NBC studio's and being one of those crazy fans reppin a team on television. Its gonna be kinda awkward wearing another team's gear because im all about The U.....

But i am excited and still blessed to say My sisi and I will def be at the game,we'll be in the stands :) SUPER excited because i've never been to Yankees stadium (the old or new), or an athletic event not held in Jersey but i am scared to be in the cold, shivering in me timbers to watch a football game i could watch in the comfort of my own (or parents') home. oh well, it should be fun.
Oh and i just realized my brother lives in the Bronx...i def thought he lived in Queens for the last three or four years....
and "my friend" of forver lives across the street from the stadium, so im excited to see him because i havent seen him since September.
Kinda miss the guy
anywho, im gonna sit here and actually act like i am doing work
Luvin' C*

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