May 23, 2012

Graduation Aftermath

After graduation, i went to lunch with my family, then slept the rest of the day away. Friday, i was supposed to see "Avengers" with my friend but he bailed on me because his registration for his car was expired. Saturday i had a good run, went to the Kappa/Que "Pretty Nasty" BBQ and i had my shindig.....

Me at thee graduation shindig. thank you to all that came out (which wasnt much). I was kinda disappointed at the turnout. It maddens me that i bend over backwards for my "friends" to go to their little events and shindigs by going to the moon and back and no one has the courtesy to show up to mine.....That's why i say i have no friends, because i really do not have anyone to really depend on.

 Well this is from the NYC AIDS WALK I did this past Sunday. Everyone knows i drive everywhere and i really dont do public transportation because its not dependable (my boss really got at me for it b/c of that little tidbit) so i drove myself to NYC after the disappointment that was my shindig to cheer myself up.
Getting to NYC wasnt hard at all. People always talking about how terrified they are to drive in the city because of whatever reason. its really not that bad.
So i got to central park, parked my hooptie in a garage, and made my way to the walk. Even though i went by myself, i was meeting up with my girl Marva. After walking for what felt like an eternity, i found her and we walked the 6.2 miles together, even though i finished before her. after walking for aids, i made my way back to my car but totally forgot what street i parked dumb as walked more blocks that i was supposed to  and ended up calling my momz when i was just stumped. *NOTE: i will not call my mom, esp when i know she really cannot help me and my phone is dying and all she does is yell at me for going to NYC alone and forgetting where i parked* 
Then i had a Eureka moment!!!!
I remembered i parked in a garage and i would need a ticket to get my car out and that ticket would have the garage address on it!!!!!
I felt stupid.
After that whole fiasco, i was sooooooo elated to be seeing the streets of New Jersey after i got outta the Lincoln Tunnel. It was a huge sigh a relief.
Since i was too tired for my life, i camped out at my boy house in Jersey City while i recouped because driving to plainfield felt like i would be driving to texas at that moment. it was hot and i was sore from walking in the sun so I ended up staying thee entire afternoon and we just chilled and watched the nba playoffs and movies. nothing serious.
nice way to spend the afternoon.

Luvin' C*

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