June 4, 2012


Man oh man
I am a tad tired.
Today was long but wonderful.
I didnt stress as much as i usually do but I know why
Well lets begin....
Curty, where ya been, dude???
I just got back from Michigan on Saturday and was trying to recover from all that happened. We took the nice little drive out west Thursday morning for our great grandfather's funeral.
I usually do not cry at funeral's especially when its an older individual, such as my great grandpop. He lived a full life and it was his time. I'm sure he was happy that he got to see about 4 generations of grandchildren which is kinda crazy (they did a calculation, and when he died, he had over 40 grandchildren-including great grand,great great grand, and great 3x's).
The viewing was nice but drama ensued.
The funeral was nice but drama ensued.
It was overall a joyous occasion minus the drama that ensued.
After all the heckling, my cousins and i decided to go to the casino in nearby Detroit, Motor City. I had a grand old time b/c i had never been to a casino before. I played the slots with my sister and we won $40 but spent it like pro-gamblers do
needless to say, it was all gravy...cracking jokes with 5 of us in the back seat of an implala with me laying across everyone.
My neck and back were not feeling too great afterwards.
Overall, as much as i wanted to go home, i'm glad we stayed because i would've missed my family horribly.
Some of the cousins....missing a bunch
 Momz and my boo, Arriana
 I love this little girl 
 My reflection and I
 My mom was all over this child 24/7, pretty soon she's gonna be asking us to pop out some grand babies
My immediate familia
Deanna,Momz,Gee, Pop, and Me at the bottom
...and Arriana too focused on the television....


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