May 21, 2012


I feel mushy.
Like Love mushy.
Kinda weird and i have no clue where this is coming from and even though i am "talking" to someone, its not really love worthy for me, if that makes any sense.
Sheesh, anyone can be loved but I just dont feel that love for him. 
That "i cant stop thinking about you....i dont mind texting you 24/ like my cookiness even though you dont understand overstand my moods and dont get offended when i'm "mean" dont mind me hitting on you at the gym even though were my spontaneity....kinda love
I know i said i really do not care the race/ethnicity....but i have given alot of guys a chance and i cant help it but i always go back to the black man.
I want that Black Love.
I want my Barack Obama.
I went to a Kappa/Que BBQ this past Saturday and was and always will be smitten by an educated black man. The man that is looking at and working towards his future. The man that knows his power and charm and knows how to use it. The man that is brave and authentic and true to himself. The man that knows how to take defeat and learn from it. The man that realizes the woman of his dreams is not Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, or Rihanna, but an actual real woman in the flesh, and she is right in front of him. Trust, there's more to a woman than her "beauty" and booty. The man that understands that he needs a woman to not only match his physical, but his intellectual as well and that's all the beauty of his woman.
I'm not knocking interracial love, because trust, i've given it a chance, but as of right now, i know what i want and need.
Love it.
Luvin' C*
That's all

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