May 17, 2012

Proud of Us

 These top two are from Minette's Grad Party last Saturday :)

 Prudential Center
Newark, NJ
Seriously, the entire morning was too early for my life. I didn't really sleep because i was too excited, then i didnt eat breakfast because i wanted to get good parking (which i did)....
 ^^me. being silly^^

 Yessss i was one of those ppl that decorated their cap. Mine said "All For You, Mom Dad Cane&Gee, Luv U"
 THEEE Infamous Cane and Gee
 My Pop having words with Mum
 Parentals and I looking flyer than ever.
Without these two I would be stuck in Pennsylvania scratching my eyes out.
 Silly Kids. Gee is heavy.
 My reflection and I
 Curty being curty. My mum complains i pose too much
 My Gram, Toma. She came allllll the way from Dominica, not necessarily for my graduation but for health reasons and ended up being in the states longer than expected. I am greatly she was here for this special day. I remember when she used to chase us around with a broom when we were kids and me and Deanna jumped on her when she dooped us into going into a lizard field back in Dominica about 17 years ago (dammmnnnn thats a long time)......aww the memories

i love this girl. even though she's a little dramatic, we been through alot in the year and a half that i've known her and our friendship is only beginning.
 THEE Infamous Greg and Manny.
These guys are too much for my life and too many in depth convo's have taken place between me and these guys (im gonna miss those therapy sessions). I just hope Greg remebers little ole' me when he makes it big in the rap game (and yous know me, i dont endorse "rappers" but this man is an ARTIST...there's a difference)
 Mr. Kev....smh. I hated this guy at one point. and i mean with a passion. he would come into the game room like his ish dont stick. i would say hi to him and he would look at me like i'm an alien. he's Manny's best friend and eventually got to know me and i got to know him slowly but surely. He's not as bad as i thought he was PLUS he's from my current hood, Plainfield
i hate that place.
 Da Trini Bad Gyal Miss Jeri-lee. That girl is hilarious in her own right. I love her accent and enthusiasm. One to set you straight, she has common sense and I LOVE THAT.
 All three of, Jeri-lee, and Ernst make up West Indian Culture Club's first E-Board.
I'm proud.
(I made my own cord and everything...)
Rahjan. This intelligent black man is going places. As of right now, i'm tryna get on his level and I know i will get there sooner than i think. He's gonna be making moves, plus he's a handsome Kappa Man
I am so elated i went to Kean University and met the people I have. In the two years i've been here, they made my experience all the more special. I wish i could've gotten all the people i wanted to but trying to find your people in a sea of about too damn many while you have a headache and starving for gum is no fun.....Some don't understand what its like to have a degree that you worked sooooooooo hard for, all the complaining about papers, the long hours in the library accompanied by 3 hot chocolates and 2 lemon pound cakes, the sitting in traffic to get to that 8 o'clock on time, the most bangingest meals from Main Attractions and the smoothies from the Cougar's Den, all the probates and Downs events, the lovely parking and insane trolley's, the community service, and like i said, the people.
You make the life you want.
No one can stop you. I've realized the only person stopping me from doing what I want, is myself. I make my decisions and even though my family may not agree with it, i have to learn and experience life on my own and for myself.
My entire time at Kean was a learning experience. I grew up soooooooo much from when I first moved back to Jersey to get that degree. Through all my trials and tribulations, i stuck through and I am proud to say i have a  Bachelor's of Arts degree in Psychology from Kean University and no one can take that from me
(not even Middle States).
I love my school and I am proud to be a Cougar....nooo not that kind of Cougar (lol) but a Kean University Cougar.
and to all those students who talk bad about Kean, get your facts straight, do your own research rather than listen to "people" and your opinions will change.
Luvin' C*
P.S. I start my new job on Monday and I have another interview on the 25th.....this broad plays no games with the de niro....i gotta pay those loans back. one job is not enough for me, i need to stay busy.

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