November 11, 2012


Currently jamming to this guy as i look over my student loans which i start paying back next month
So much fun, I cannot wait!!!!!
Antiwho, i am currently a little crippled. I cannot drive or go to the gym or do anything really physically demanding.
Why do u ask????
Because I am suffering from the worst kind of muscle spasm known to man.....starts with a 'T' and ends in 'S'...(i forget what its called)..and its on my neck. Along with that, one of my joints is a little misplaced so pairing those together along with muscle inflammation, I really cannot do much as I am in a whole lot of pain. All day yesterday, i popped meds and laid down with a heating pad because it was all i could do. 
i'm only upset i cant workout because im finally starting to see changes in my body with strength training
AND it's the first full weekend i've had off since labor day and I wanted to do alot......
But i shouldn't be complaining because i could've been way worse than what it was.
Luvin' C*

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